Feel so hard to have a reason to go away the social media

3 min readNov 4, 2020


You do things by a reason. Sometimes I find the reason from the social as a motivation to do something and why we post the daily on newsfeeds instead of doing the journal. Social media becomes a part of real community and make us feel more convenient from checking up people of our network. We can know these celebrities or significant ones or not, add them in the following list and make a connection. Yes, it's good somehow to learn something from their sharing. It takes a long time I am a follower that loyalty checking up and follow the tips they share till a day I am overdone with it all and find myself my own way. We can do it by ourself but we need a duration of getting lost and turning back on.

When I get out of this circle of social media, I am don't post too much news of myself instead of keeping it in my own journal and do writing thing as a long article to share the valuable life lesson.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

What is the reason to leave social media as I mentioned? They don't care, they don't care one again about your life, post it out as a way for you to get interactions and some compliment comments right, is it worked this way? Are you get more dopamine this way? But, they don't care even they will put a bit of personal feeling into your personality. You don’t care about all of these feelings and the world doesn't need one more celebrity who share the daily instead of a kindness person who shows up on the real-life and make the world much better.

The process to get out of social media by myself is very hard, I don't check it up, don't need to know how people lives, just my world and how it's going on in each moment. How the magic come to you, you will make surprised about all the real things.

If you take one second to focus on the things that happened around, see how it works, you will get more and more and it's how life works. Social media, by the way, it a tool to destroy society as it's reason to present. See how Mark Zuckerberg treats this channel, 1–2 posts a year as a boring task to notify about an update. Ok, we got it, that is enough, for you how, 1–3 post a day or a week and check up all the pages the get the latest news and drama. After that, you come to your group chat and say “Don’t you know?”.

If this group chat lacks you that means the world will have a peaceful mind with thoughtful heart is born, trust me, it's all reasonable to make a move. From social media switch to your inner self, it's another social life that you can't reach to the deepest and when you go deeper you will see how the social media is killing the rest of people are keep staying and building their public houses while you own the very private and luxury villa named your legend.